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Tomcats Second Thoughts UK Garage Psych Pre July

The Tomcats - S/T
(UK Essex Records Co. ESSEX 1018LP Mono)
Reissue of 1966 UK Garage Psych Pre July
Digitally remastered and Cut by DMM at Abbey Road Studios
With Bonus 7inch single Second Thoughts
The Tomcats were a London-based quintet (originally named The Thoughts),
who, in turn, were formed out of the remnants of a skiffle band
called the Playboys. Among those passing through one early line-up
of the Tomcats was John "Speedy" Keen, who played drums in the band.
The group didn't have any significant success in England,
but in 1966 they accepted an offer to perform in Spain with what
proved to be their final line-up, which was drawn from a band
called Second Thoughts. They were a hit in their live performances
in Spain and suddenly found an eager audience for their music
the band charted four EPs of material that ranged from covers of
contemporary hits ("Paint It Black" etc.) to Spanish language songs.
The group returned to England in 1967, and, keeping the same line-up,
altered their sound and their name to July.
The final Tomcats lineup, which evolved out of an unrecorded band
known as the Second Thoughts, found some success in Spain
when they went to play a series of gigs in Madrid in 1966.
They returned to England in 1968, the group's lineup consisting of
Tony Duhig on guitar, John Field on flute and keyboards,
Tom Newman on vocals, Alan James playing bass,
and Chris Jackson on drums, and changed their name to July.
The band lasted barely a year, leaving behind one of the most
sought-after LPs of the British psychedelic boom
(on the Major Minor label in England, and Epic Records
in the U.S. and Canada).
UKサイケ Julyの前身バンド。ボーナス7インチ付き。

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