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Package 梱包
We dig lots rare records and showed them on the magazine.
After Sundazed and UK Rev-ora follow us.And We and our friend group released
many type of Guide books, Music Magazine, Reissue cds etc etc.
We also provide Wikipedia with the pics of many rarities
Japanese no.1 collectors group they are under our management.
We also doing produce most famous radio program in Japan
which Musical education program.This is our position.
So Welcome to the new world. You can try to find these rarities.

Sales Manager : Tommy

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We sell so many records on eBay,
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Listed Many Japanese Collectables for General Customers
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We dig many kinds of Japanese pressing. Also listing Japanese Collectables
With Obi, Unique Stuff, Obscure Rare, Underrated but Hard to find etc
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Led Zeppelin Pink Floyd Genesis Collectors Album, Live Album, Color Disc
Such Rare items on Our Japanese Yahoo Auction
Take a look our more exciting items !!
I can sell you directly when you won on our eBay auction list.
Let me know what you want, You can avoid troubles on Japanese auction.
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Led Zeppelin Pink Floyd The Who Genesis
Beatles Rolling Stones Beach Boys Jimi Hendrix
Bob Dylan CSN&Y Deep Purple Slade
Frank Zappa Alice Cooper David Bowie and many other
 If You interest items on our Japanese auction. make bid for you who cannot understand Japanese. is Japanese auction support company for overseas buyer.
 And they combine your multiple wins on Japanese auction,
 and ships items from Japan to you. You can save postage by it.

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 For Chinese buyers Mogan

We dig many kinds of Japanese Rarities for Japanese serious collectors.
With Obi, Unique Stuff, Obscure Rare, Underrated but Hard to find items,
Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Who, TMOQ and Other Collectors Record,
Psychedelic Enka, Beat Enka, Rare Groove, Funk etc etc
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