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Package 梱包
We dig lots rare records and showed them on the magazine.
After Sundazed and UK Rev-ora follow us.And We and our friend group released
many type of Guide books, Music Magazine, Reissue cds etc etc.
Japanese no.1 collectors group they are under our management.
We also doing produce most famous radio program in Japan
which Musical education program.This is our position.
So Welcome to the new world. You can try to find these rarities.

Sales Manager : Tommy
BGM Sound On / Off
Attention to American Buyers on eBay
eBay set postage $3.00 on CD for max.
and $4.00 on Records for max.
eBay showed you such postage automatically for US Domestic Delivery.
When eBay invited me, I am managing eBay store.
However, I am the Japanese seller who lives in Japan.
The item which you ordered is shipped from Japan.
I cannot change postage which eBay set for American buyers
As I showed you on item description,
Our Postage is not $3.00 or $4.00 !
Our postage for US or other countries are must be
overseas postage and Registered mail is required for dispatch
of the item by eBay new policy.
Registered Priority SAL Mail $15.00 for a Normal LP.
$10.00 for a 7inch single and a copy of Normal CD, DVD.
We will send you an invoice with correct postage.
After you can pay us soon.
When you pay without reading my advice, it makes a trouble.
Please do not pay until an invoice arrives from us !
Attention to all eBeyer
Our disc gradings does not include label condition.If the label has
serious damage like tear, water damage, heavy asing spot,
I would specify it.However, I do not specify it when it is not terrible
spindle mark. Because I do listing for casual record collectors also.
As for me, it is not possible for listing for reasonable price
in much items when I take time and cost for nervous grading.
We are selling used records more than 30 years.
The used record item without the mark which touched Disc
it does not exist. Moreover, This is used record if you asked.
un-played and un-handled cannot be in Used record.
Even sealed copy, We can not check the label and disc.
I do not check an item under a microscope.
I do not keep an item in a germfree room. Much Used records has
some kind of mark naturally and casually. You can ask me about label
condition before make order when you are nervous for label condition.

We ship only to the address which you registered on Paypal.
When You want to send item to other addresses.
Moreover, when you want to give your friend item.
You have to register that address on Paypal.
This results in the policy of the seller protection on Paypal.

The dispatch to these countries has troubles very well.
These buyers should be careful and must choose EMS
for protect your items.

England - UK Customs investigation for terrorism prevention.
Also UK shipping has so many troubles.
We love British customers, But UK Customs and Post office are Suck !!
UK postman was arrested because for 2 years he had accumulated
tons of mail in his house, mail that he should have delivered
but that instead it would put into his car and take home.
UK postman often has stolen import parcels or that it was delivered
to the wrong address and the person has decided to keep it.
Royal Mail web site doesn't has research service for
Japanese Registered mail. UK post office is refusing
the investigation request of the Japanese post office
by the Geneva agreement in January 2010.
UK customs will spend time long for terrorism prevention.
In order to solve these problems, UK post office should input
barcode of the international registered parcel,
and should show status to users. Japanese sellers have many troubles,
when shipping to UK. 20 to 30 percent of packages sent to UK
from Japan does not reach British customers.
UK customs has the cause.They tends to impose a tax severely
to the import parcels so that it may understand by these description
on customs declaration sheet.
Even if a Japanese seller does cheap price declaration
as British buyer's request. The item is confiscated by them
when UK customs does not accept the price declaration of the item.
Even EMS is so. They have not judged according to declared value.
They confiscate the import item for the British national interest.
Many Japanese dealers are suffering much damage from it.
Note! UK post office does not deliver EMS to a post office box.
You can see More Details for Troubles on UK Shipping.

Italy - The long storage period for the collection of taxes.
it may spend much time from the usual delivery time.
We cannot declare delivery time by Italian Policy.

South America - Cheap service of the post office

Your customs may keep your package. We declared the low value.
You have to pay a tax for receive your package.

I should be serious as a leader of Japanese Record Dealer's Group.
Moreover, I am participating in Used Record Market in the world greatly.
I share the contact in the world, and information
and supporting solution of their many troubles.
It must for the Collectors in the world. Thanks for your understanding.
 Package Sample
 Shipping for Single records / Shipping for CD, DVD
(Small Packet Unregistered Air mail package / EMS)

Unregistered Air Mail does not have a tracking number.
EMS has a tracking number.

A package with cardboard fillers and air cap.
A value declared is Gift $5.00 for a copy. Also $15.00 for 3 copies.
   For Album records (Unregistered Air mail package / EMS)
Shipping with Store Bag package.
Unregistered Air Mail does not have a tracking number.
EMS has a tracking number.

A package with cardboard fillers and air cap for Item.
Of Course We always remove the Disc from the inner sleeve
to prevent split seams.
This is manners of The mail order shipping.
Don't worry about that.
And We put this into a Store bag and seal it.
A value declared is Gift $5.00 for an album.
Also $15.00 for 3 albums.


Appearances with store bag
Mailorder Box For Single records / CD
A package with cardboard fillers and air cap for Item.
This is highly recommend for Your valuable item.
Let us know if you need Mailorder box.
You can check below Postage sample list for Mailorder box shipping.
Mailorder Box For Album records
If you want to avoid worries, You should choose this box.
This box prevented the trouble of the past many.
A package with cardboard fillers and air cap for Item.
This is highly recommend for Your valuable item.
Let us know if you need Mailorder box.

You can check below Postage sample list for Mailorder box shipping.

EMS (Registered / Insured)

Regular Registered Air / SAL (Economy Air)
Overseas Customer
Please understand the following for safe dealings

I show buyers all shipping option for fair business.
Because the cost changes that a buyer wants to pay
for the item value and their purchase purpose.
A certain buyer pays $22.00 EMS shipping for a single record $9.99.
In addition, the other buyer pays $15.00 SAL shipping for Rare LP $200.00.
I tell buyers about cost of mailorder box shipping.
And they perform an order of the shipment method
that they chose and avoid such a trouble.
As you can see my feedback, they received item safely
by the shipment method that they chose.

You also have to know. You and I have different custom and economy.
I guess that Japan which you know is Tokyo.
However, Here is not Tokyo. Here is Hiroshima where a local city.
It is generally the city known as Atomic bomb
and Japanese Mafia Movies which Kill Bill Tarantino
came under a big influence that the demiworld story of Hiroshima.
Hiroshima has Hiroshima original-style so that there is Tokyo Style in Tokyo.
Service cost and a business style differ to Tokyo and Hiroshima
which as New York and Los Angeles.
The international mails shipped from Hiroshima Central Post Office is
sent to Osaka International Airport, and is shipped from there.

Regarding Our Mailorder Box.
Many of Tokyo dealers are my friends.
Mailorder Box which they use is a product made from Tatsumi.
It is kind of poor box which cannot do double packing.
I was disappointed about it.
Because, my package is double packing.
The trouble of the past many was avoided by it.
The Mailman puts a light package on the upper part,
and loads it together.
The record package will be dropped from the upper part by their bound.
And the record package will be crushed by the baggage which has fallen.
In order to avoid such a trouble,
we are making Special Mailorder Box for double packing.
Of course, as for it, Postage changes because weight of 250g is added.
Please refer to postage sample list for it.

The mail method is only Japanese post mail.
Sorry We don't have Fedex or other way.
Overseas choices are EMS (Express)/ Air Mail / SAL / Surface
Above choices may also have insurance.
Insured parcels may not be shipped at small packet rate.
We have recommended EMS or Registerd mail with tracking number
for protect your purchase.This is based on Ebay and Paypal policy.
EMS is highly recommend for Your valuable item.
(Registered and Insured for $200) EMS is cheaper than Registered Air Mail.
However, We are also sending invoice with Unregistered mail
in order to make your money burden ease.
Unregistered mail is cheaper but doesn't has tracking number.
It has some troubles (Item not arrived) If you choose Unregistered mail,
it means that you had accepted these matters.
In order to avoid these troubles, you should choose EMS or Registerd mail.
You can check the following postage sample list for mailing cost.
We are not responsible for lost or damage item without insurance.

You can see my feedback on eBay.
The buyer chooses a shipment method to receive the valuable item
smoothly safely which a buyer ordered to me.
I explain it to a buyer and recommend a safe shipment method
to a buyer when a buyer does not understand a trouble
on the international mail. I know the habitual troubles
that each country has by my longtime career.
Counterterrorism, the issue of duty, a trouble in the delivery etc etc.
However, sometimes the buyer must pay the high postage
to evade these troubles.
Thank you for your understanding.
Overseas Postage Sample
Dear Japanese Buyers

 We will send an invoice to you for store bag shipping.
 If you want mailorder box shipping, It will become high a little
 by box weight and Protection cardboards. Let us know if you want it.
 (See below postage for Mailorder box)

 The world has a crisis by terrorism and abnormal weather etc.
 In the case of such national emergency, EMS is needed.
 Also EMS is required when we judge if there has many troubles.

Italy, UK, Russia, China, South America, Spain, Hungary, Mexico etc etc.
 Sometimes Even Registered Priority mail is NOT available.
 In order to protect national interest, these countries may refuse
import item or may spend it on customs clearance for a long time.
Moreover, import item may be barred by such government policy.
7inch Single / EP for Small Packet Registered Priority SAL
1copy 2copies 3copies 4copies 5copies 6copies
US/Canada $10 $11 $12 $14 $16 $18
Oceania $10 $11 $12 $14 $16 $18
UK/Euro $10 $11 $12 $14 $16 $18
South America $11 $12 $13 $16 $16 $18
Asia $10 $11 $12 $14 $16 $18
7inch Single / EP for EMS
1copy 2copies 3copies 4copies 5copies 6copies
US/Canada $18 $18 $22 $22 $22 $24
Oceania $18 $18 $22 $22 $22 $24
UK/Euro $22 $22 $26 $26 $26 $30
South America $25 $25 $32 $32 $32 $34
Asia $14 $14 $17 $17 $17 $22
LP / 12inch for Small Packet Registered Priority SAL
Store Bag Shipping / Mailorder Box Shipping (add 250g)
(2LP set / Gatefold Cover falls under 2copies)

In the country without SAL, such as Bulgaria, New Caledonia,
Bosnia, Ecuador, South Korea, Taiwan, Macao, Mongolia, Vietnam,
postage becomes Registered Air.
1copy 2copies 3copies 4copies
US/Canada Bag $15 $18 $22 $26
US/Canada Box $20 $24 $28 $32
Oceania Bag $15 $18 $22 $26
Oceania Box $20 $24 $28 $32
UK/Euro Bag $15 $18 $22 $26
UK/Euro Box $20 $24 $28 $32
South America Bag $18 $20 $25 $28
South America Box $22 $26 $32 $35
Asia Bag (SAL) $15 $16 $19 $22
Asia Box (SAL) $17 $20 $23 $26
China Korea etc Bag
(Small Packet Air)
$18 $22 $26 $30
China Korea etc Box
(Small Packet Air)
$23 $30 $32 $34
LP / 12inch for EMS shipping
Store Bag or Mailorder Box
(2LP set / Gatefold Cover falls under 2copies)
1copy 2copies 3copies 4copies
US/Canada Bag $22 $28 $34 $42
US/Canada Box $30 $34 $42 $48
Oceania Bag $22 $28 $34 $42
Oceania Box $30 $34 $42 $48
UK/Euro Bag $28 $32 $40 $48
UK/Euro Box $36 $40 $48 $54
South America Bag $32 $40 $54 $65
South America Box $45 $54 $65 $80
South America Regular SAL $75
Japan to South America has most expensive postage.
You had better choose separate packages for small packet SAL
to evade expensive postage. For example, Album 2copies SAL $ 20 +
Album 3copies SAL $ 25 = $45 for 5LPs (EMS is $ 90 for 5LPs!)
Asia Bag $16 $20 $26 $32
Asia Box $22 $26 $32 $38
When you want to order in large quantities.
The postage is based on total weight.
Of course, we will take your request into consideration.
In order to ease your money burden, we will try to make nice price.
However It must become registered mail.
It is hard to make a judgment of gross weight
by the number of records as you also know.
Gross weight is determined in those form like 2LPs, Gatefold Cover,
With Book, Poster etc etc.
In that case, Surface is the most economical.
You can also check my feedback and profile for our business.
Thank you for your time.
Postage sample for CD / DVD
Shipping & Handling cost for a copy. ($2.00 For Each Additional CD)
Postage Sample List for a normal CD.
(Not for 2CD set or Box set, Special Case etc)

To Asia -
Registered Priority SAL Mail $10.00 / EMS $17.00
 In the country without SAL, such as South Korea, Taiwan,
 Macao, Mongolia, Vietnam, postage becomes
 Registered Priority Air Mail

To USA, North America, UK, Europe, Australia -
Registered Priority SAL Mail $10.00 / EMS $19.00
 In the country without SAL, such as Bulgaria, New Caledonia,
 Bosnia, Ecuador, postage becomes high a little
To South America / Africa and other countries -
Registered Priority SAL Mail $13.00 / EMS $19.00
 $3.00 for Each Additional Copy which Except EMS


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